Unified Communications

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Unified Communications

Bring your business up to speed

Happens Here Partners is your cloud-based data and voice solutions provider. Our Unified Communications are customized to your needs. We improve communication between customers and your back-office; improving customer satisfaction, efficiency, all while lowering costs for you.

Bring your business up to speed with a single application for hosted voice, web video conferencing, email and chat communications, SIP/IP trunking, integration with CRM platforms, superior security, global extension-to-extension dialing and so much more. With improving the customer experience at the forefront of our business, Happens Here Partners is ready to get you to where you need to be to serve your customers better.

Call us now to find out how our unified communication services can take your business to the next level all while saving you money.

  • SIP/IP Trunking
    – Boost the power of your broadband connection without overpaying for PRI’s.
  • Hosted Voice
    – Optimize your voice solutions with cloud-based VoIP services.
  • Effortless Communication
    – With email, chat, web conferencing and phone services all in one application, communication is easier than ever.
  • Cost Optimization
    – Fewer separate bills to pay with lower overall costs to run.
  • Disaster Recovery
    – Eliminate downtime so that you can continue to serve customers and never lose money.
  • Easy Scaling
    – Scale your system to meet business needs at any time with little effort.
  • Location Flexibility
    – Global reach allows you to stay connected with customers and employees no matter where they are in the world.
  • CRM Integration
    – Integration with your current CRM boost efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Call Recording– Be in control of your call center with call recording, organized call reports, call data access and more.