VMWare – VCloud

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VMWare – VCloud

Extend Your Data Center

VMware vCloud Air and VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider partners are delivering on the promise of hybrid cloud computing, enabling you to seamlessly and securely extend your data center and applications to the cloud. With cloud services built on the trusted foundation of VMware technology, you can provision new or move existing workloads between onsite data centers or internal private clouds to the public cloud, and back again as needed, creating a true hybrid cloud. VMware provides unprecedented flexibility and choice of cloud services on a local basis with vCloud Air and through the vCloud Air Network–the world’s largest network of validated cloud services based on VMware technology.

When you choose cloud services from VMware and our vCloud Air Network Service Providers partners, you don’t have to worry about application compatibility or service provider lock-in often associated with other commodity cloud services. You reduce both risks and costs without requiring additional management tools and infrastructure, reinventing your processes or retraining your existing workforce.


AWS Integrated Networking / Hybrid Cloud


  • Using AWS Direct Connect, you can establish a dedicated network connection between AWS and your datacenter, office, or colocation environment. In many cases, this can provide both lower costs and a higher level of service than Internet-based connections.
  • Once your architecture is connected to the cloud, AWS can ensure this data is reliably backed-up, help control where data is placed , replicate data across geographic regions, manage the lifecycle of data, or even have datacenter topology close enough to enable synchronous replication .
  • AWS helps simplify the backup and recovery environment for the enterprise. Leverage the on-demand nature of the cloud and automate backups and recovery processes so they are not only less complex and lightweight, but also easy to manage and maintain. Storage services with AWS are designed to provide 99.999999999% durability, so you can feel confident your backups are protected.
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